Get the funds you need to get
medical treatment in 3 easy steps

Get Funds


Register for an account

In order to start a campaign, you’ll need to register. To register, click the “Register to Start a Campaign” button on the home page, or the “Register Now” button on the How it Works page. Fill out the information on the registration page. Fill in the information on the registration page, and submit the form. 


Create a campaign

Log in to your account. From your account click dashboard, select “Add New Campaign” from the right hand side of your dashboard menu. Once you fill out the information, submit your campaign. Our team will review your campaign and after review, your campaign will be public and visible. You will be able to edit your campaign after it has been approved, but keep in mind, if you do so, we will need to review it again before it goes public.


Share Your Campaign

You get donations by getting people to visit your campaign page. We recommend sharing your campaign on social media, and getting friends and family to share your campaign on their accounts as well.

Give Funds


Find a Campaign

There are three different ways to find a campaign. The first is to follow a link to the campaign that had been posted on Facebook, Twitter, or another platform. The second is to use the search bar below, where you can search for your campaign by the campaign title, or by the name of the person you’d like to donate funds to. Finally, you can search through the campaigns listed on our campaign page.


Make a Donation

Once you find your campaign, make your donation by entering the amount you’d like to donate and clicking “Back Campaign.”


Help Change Lives

Know that you’ve just made a major impact in someone’s life. Not only have you helped them move toward their goal of paying for their needed medical treatment, you’ve also helped them give back to others by donating on a platform that supports donation based tax deductions.

We charge a 4% fee to process donations. This fee allows us to maintain our website and run our organization.

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