Frequently Asked Questions

Gifting Angel Fund is a nonprofit crowdfunding organization focused on helping people who can’t afford the medical treatment they need. Two of the primary reasons that people forgo medical treatment is expense of treatment, and the shame that comes with asking for help. We attempt to counteract these two factors by providing a tax deductible avenue for crowdfunding. This allows individuals to create a campaign that helps them achieve better health, and also gives something back to their donors.

Gifting Angel Fund helps people raise funds for medical treatment using a crowdfunding model. You create a campaign for yourself or for someone you know, share the campaign on social media, and then manage your campaign as you receive donations and move toward your goal.

There are three different methods you can use to find your campaign. The first is to follow a link to the campaign that had been posted on Facebook, Twitter, or another platform. The second is to use the search bar, where you can search for your campaign by the campaign title, or by the name of the person you’d like to donate funds to. Finally, you can search through the campaigns listed on our website.

  • For security reasons, we manually release all funds. To receive your funds, you simply send a withdrawal request.
  • To make a withdrawal request, start at your dashboard. Hover over “Campaigns” in the dashboard menu to activate the dropdown, and select “Payments.” On the payments screen, click the “View details” button associated with your campaign. On the details screen, you’ll click “Withdraw”. On the withdraw screen, select the amount that you want to withdraw, and click “Withdraw”.
  • From here, we’ll send payment to fulfill your withdrawal request via PayPal, using the email address associated with your Gifting Angel Fund account. If you’d like us to use a different email address, include that address under “Messages” in your withdrawal request.

No, you can submit a withdrawal request at any time during your campaign, regardless of where you stand in relation to your deadline or target amount.

If you don’t reach your funding goal within the time you’d set for your campaign, you have a few options. You are always welcome to withdraw your funds before you reach your end date or funding goal. However, you are also welcome to increase or lower your goals, and you are also able to change your end date.

  • You get donations by getting people to visit your campaign page. We recommend sharing your campaign on social media, and getting friends and family to share your campaign on their accounts as well. There are a few ways you can share your campaign:
    • The first is to share just a link. You can get the link to your campaign by copying the url from the address bar in your browser. Once you have your campaign address copied, you can share it anywhere you can paste it.
    • Every campaign also has a share bar, which allows you to easily share your campaign on a number of social networks. Simply click the icon that corresponds to the social network you’d like to share on, and then sign into your social media account when prompted. You can share the post about your campaign as it is, or you can add a message to your post.

You can track your campaign from the dashboard. There is a great chart that will show donation activity for your campaign within your dashboard. If you need to make changes to your campaign, hover over “Campaigns” in the dashboard menu, and select my campaigns. A campaigns overview screen will appear, and you can select “Edit” for the corresponding campaign. This will bring you to your campaign setup form. Fill in the information that you’d like to update, and then resubmit your campaign.