Who We Are

Medical treatment is expensive. Gifting Angel Fund exists because there are many people who can’t afford the medical treatment they need. We believe good health shouldn’t be a privilege available only to those who can afford it. Our purpose is to make medical services financially accessible. 

Gifting Angel Fund Inc is a registered 501(c)(3) organization

Our Mission

Provide a tax deductible avenue for donating money to people who can’t afford the medical services they need.

Our Vision

To provide a way for everyone to afford the medical services they need to live happy, healthy lives.

Our Story

We began our journey when a good friend of ours, Al, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Al had many friends who wanted to donate directly to cover the costs of the recurring stem cell transplants he needed. However, he was more comfortable with receiving assistance if the donations could be made tax deductible for those giving to him.


Gifting Angel Fund is the result of our friendship with Al. We are passionate about not only helping people afford health care, but allowing them to feel as though their donors are getting something in return. We believe that all people should have access to healthcare. We also believe that all should be able to hold on to the dignity that comes with being able to give something back.


(If you’re interested in learning about stem cell transplants, you can read more at HSCTmexico.com).

How Gifting Angel Fund is Different

Designed to preserve dignity

Gifting Angel Fund is creatively unique from other crowdfunding campaigns of the world in that it offers receivers a chance to give back something of value to their benefactors in the form of tax deduction receipts. Preserving their dignity, they keep their heads high and help the donors gain conscience satisfaction as well as financial benefit from contributing to this noble cause.

Designed to promote health

Gifting Angel Fund is aimed at helping people procure the best medical treatments for their health-related problems. Promoting the vision of healthcare services for all, we want to empower people with financial affordability and physical accessibility to different types of healthcare treatments no matter who you are and where you are from.

Designed to promote community

We are committed to promoting equality and the social welfare of the community at large. We also believe strongly that communities are at their strongest when their members support one another. Healthcare should not be a privilege limited to only a few in society. We aim to remove inequality and strive to provide advanced healthcare for all. Through donor contributions, we want to bring healthcare and medical facilities to all people.